Blonde Hair with Lowlights: 5 Great Color Ideas

Lowlights in blonde hair add darker shades and surely a beautiful color shift. They are not as bright as highlights, but they are still as fashionable as they can be. The main purpose of adding lowlights is to emerge mild color alteration. The following passages outline the most common variation of blonde hair with lowlights.

1. Dark Lowlights

In almost all cases, dark lowlights are applied and used by many blonde women during summer. It actually functions as a correction of over-highlighted hair during hot summer days. This style perfectly fits women with pale skin; when the skin is over-exposed to the sun, it creates tan. A dark shade/lowlights brings an impression that brown color has been added to darken the blonde.

If properly applied, the color combination is very smooth and looking natural; blonde hair with lowlights creating dark shade is indeed very special. This style works at its best during summer.

dark lowlight

2. Red Lowlights

Blonde is probably the most versatile hairstyle that it can go suitably with almost any additional color including red. A bright red is a quite extreme color addition; it simply changes somebody’s style and fashion statement. However, red is a really tricky color; furthermore, it is actually uncommon to use red lowlights.

red lowlight picture

Red color is most frequently used for highlighting. There are many color combinations possibly created such as bold red, mahogany red, honey red, and more. It is important to mention that red is naturally brighter than blonde, so an assistance from professional hairstylist will be very useful in applying red lowlights.

3. Black Lowlights

The appearance of black lowlights is actually very similar to that of dark lowlights. Either of them is good for certain types of blonde including Platinum, Light, or Golden. Other types such as Sandy, Strawberry, and Ash blonde are regarded as the darkest blonde hair colors.

black lowlight style

Blonde hair with black lowlights is often applied for creating subtle color variations and great solutions for all blonde people with gray hair problem.

4. Brown Lowlights

Similar to other lowlights, brown color simply darkens the natural color. The good thing is that brown lowlights can be applied to all existing blonde types without reducing its natural beauty. Apparently, blondes can also use brown lowlights to fix the wrong shade of color.

brown lowlights on dark hair

The shift of color from blonde to brown is not extreme; both colors can go smoothly together and add luscious appearance to the hair. Brown lowlights are often applied during winter and fall seasons.

5. Burgundy Lowlights

Burgundy is not a very popular lowlights color for a blonde, but it is not an impossible color to apply. As mentioned earlier, blonde can go with literally all colors nicely.

burgundy lowlight pic

Burgundy is dark violet; it is very similar to maroon color. It can be applied to blonde, but burgundy is probably best suited to chocolate brown or auburn hair color.


Applying lowlights is a great idea to add darker color shade to the hair. Color variations should be chosen carefully based on natural hair and skin colors. Blonde hair with lowlights is a nice solution to overcome gray problem or adapt to a new season in an attempt to maintain hair beauty.