How to Choose a Good Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair, whether bleached or natural, needs to be carefully treated in order to maintain its good color and health. Using the right hair treatment products will basically enhance the color, strengthen the structure, and prevent the bad effects from hair dye.

Below you will find four important things to consider when choosing a good shampoo for blonde hair.

1. Hair Color

Some hair treatment products such as shampoos and conditioners are manufactured for certain hair colors only. It is best to carefully read each product’s descriptions to know whether or not the product is best for you; some shampoos are intended for blonde hair only.

There are some different types of blonde and each of them has a different color. Using a shampoo and a conditioner that complement the color is a wise decision. Such hair treatment products are available in saloons and drugstores, so you should be able to find them easily.

2. Natural Blonde

When choosing a shampoo for blonde hair, environment factor is a highly important aspect to consider. Hair is exposed to many different substances in the environment almost all the time. Logically, hair color can be gradually contaminated or mixed with other colors resulting unnatural look.


The color of natural blonde hair is often corrupted by water, especially hard water and swimming pool water. Hard water contains various dangerous substances that can probably trigger health issues and destroy the natural beauty of your hair. Without the proper treatment, your blonde hair may become dull and sticky; a change in hue is as well possible.

Chlorinated water in a swimming pool can also turn the color of your blonde hair into green. If you swim very often or are living in an environment where hard water is a major problem, a chelating shampoo will be a great choice. It is basically a hair cleanser that can remove or neutralize harmful chemicals from hard water and swimming pool water.

3. Bleached and Colored Hair

If your blonde hair is a result of a dying process, the artificial color will eventually fade and completely gone if improperly treated. You can actually maintain the color by simply using the right hair treatment products.

Shampoo color is actually one of the most essential factors to consider when choosing a good shampoo for blonde hair. In this case, purple or blue shampoo is always worth considering.

The shampoos work on the basic of color theory. Purple color neutralizes gold and yellow, while blue color counters orange and copper hues. They are equally good in preventing hair discoloration, so you may want to use them sparingly.

4. The use of other hair treatment products

If you use many hair treatment products very often, the chemical substances contained in the products may accumulate and buildup in the hair shaft. The accumulation of chemical substance will typically coat or cover the color.

Frequent use of hairspray or conditioner often creates this type of coating. A clarifying shampoo will accommodate such issue very well; you may need to use it once a week or so.


Blonde hair is a special type of hair which can perfectly combine with many different colors. There are various types of hair dyes possibly applied to blonde hair without disrupting its natural beauty.

Nonetheless, it should be properly treated to postpone color fading and protect the hair from the effects of dangerous chemicals. Only use a specifically-manufactured shampoo for blonde hair to maintain and enhance its beauty and health.